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Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians


Muire agus Brid dhuit! 


We need to pray for our parishes.  We need to pray for vocations.  And we need to pray for the Catholic Church in America....As Hibernians we continue to protect the True Catholic Faith.
     The Lord calls certain men to the Holy Priesthood.  The priesthood is part of the Sacrament of Holy Orders.  There are different orders in the sacrament: Lector, acolyte, exorcist, sub deacon, deacon, priest and bishop.  God designates that the priest should involve himself in the apostolate -----  the sacraments, which give honor and glory to God and save souls.  With this the priest is always concerned ---- that God comes first.  Our natural inclination is to put ourselves first -----to be concerned with our position, our relationship with family and friends, pensions,'s easy to do this because the world is that way.  Therefore, the Lord through the Church gives the priest the remedy for all of this:  a life of prayer and penance.  This doesn't mean that a certain amount of recreation is bad for the priest, but he must be careful not to pursue this recreation as the focus of his life.  The relationship he has with God is primary and essential.  If the priest does not live through, with, in and for the Lord,  he will not attain salvation----he will lose his soul to the fires of Hell.  This is why the daily taking of the Cross is essential.  If the priest does not live this life in Jesus his life is not only a failure, it leads  to eternal damnation.  The crisis in the Church and world today has been sparked and continued because priests have become too worldly.  Only the mercy of God can protect the priesthood and thus the world from destruction.  We have to live through, with, in and for Mary --- through with  and in Jesus in order to reassert the true meaning of life ----the greater of  honor and glory of God that leads to the salvation of souls.
Praised be Jesus Christ
Now and Forever,
Father Jerome Charles Romanowski,
Pastor of St. Mary's in Malaga, NJ
Our Catholic Faith and Heritage......
Many people of various ethnic backgrounds helped build the Catholic churches and Catholic Schools in the Philadelphia and Camden Dioceses.  St. John  Neumann Bishop of Philadelphia  and many of our ancestors helped build the Catholic Churches and Schools in the Camden and Philadelphia Dioceses .  St. John Neumann , and the ancestors of Philadelphia and South Jersey were simple,humble, hardworking people who came from poverty.   These people were of the true Catholic Faith. Many of  of these immigrants came to South Jersey and Philadelphia  after facing famine, death ships, and religious persecution from their own country.  Other immigrants came over to escape poverty in order to live the American Dream .  However, when they came to America they were faced with religious and racial persecution.  Some people in our area were even killed and injured protecting the faith.
It is very normal to be alarmed when you hear  that recently across the country there has been many Catholic Churches and Schools closing down forever.  Many dioceses are facing bankruptcy which means they could lose churches, halls, and even cemeteries.  First the scandals and now this.  It seems that the good priests , sisters , parishioners and victims are being punished all over again.  It's especially painful to those victims who remained silent in regards to abuse and remained with the Catholic church. Their parishes should remain  open.  Yes, there is a shortage of priests.  We need to seek other alternatives as well.  We have so many good holy priests from Africa, Italy, Ireland,  India, etc.  We should see about keeping them in our dioceses and trying to get more holy priests. 
It so important to preserve the spiritual and historical integrity of Philadelphia and South Jersey.   
In Philadelphia, some of these parishes were built before the revolutionary war.  Great  people like Commodore John Barry, Captain Rossiter, Thomas Fitzsimmons and others who instrumental in the War of Independence and the formation of the new Republic helped build these churches.
Out in the farm fields of Salem County were the first Catholics of the Camden Diocese.  St. Joseph's in Woodstown Parish area had the first  baptismal registry on October 5, 1743 in Alloway by Father Theodore Schneider S.J. from St. Joseph's Willings Alley, Philadelphia.  "Father Farmer" also known as Ferdinand Steinmyer, S.J continued the  spiritual journey until the Revolutionary War.  In 1899, St. Joseph's was reinstated as a parish  where it is still standing today.  There are beautiful rare stained glass windows which depict many Saints including  Our Lady of Knock and Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, soon to be a Native American Saint.   
In South Jersey, there are parishes which survived the KKK.  These parishes predate the existence 69 year old Camden Diocese.   Before  the Catholic church was built and not too far from the Revolutionary War battlefield in National Park, NJ, Mass was held in the Muldoon/Rossiter home while the Ku Klux Klan was outside burning crosses and terrorizing them.  When the quaint rural church was built, the Muldoons/Rossiters donated a Crucifix which hung over the altar.  Many years later someone wanted to make changes to the parish.  They removed the Crucifix from over the altar and placed it in a different part of the church.  Shortly after, the church accidentally caught on fire. Everything but the Crucifix.  When the church was repaired, the Crucifix was placed back over the altar where it belonged. This was a true miracle from God.  Maybe some things are not meant for change.
After going to St. Mary's Jubilee Shrine & Rosary Garden in Malaga, NJ  for a mini pilgrimage, I was spiritually inspired.  God and Mary have given gifts to St. Mary's in Malaga. 
 For more information about the Shrine  May God,  Our Lady of Knock and Guadalupe, St. John Neumann of Philadelphia,  St. Brigid of Ireland, St. Padre Pio, and Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha protect all of Christianity.  
Monsignor Gabreile Caccia, Assessor
Apostolic Nunciature
3339 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC  20008-3687
(He is US diplomatic representation to the Vatican.  He will forward the info to our  Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI
"Your honesty and frankness will expose you to problems, but your work should not stop for it means the world to so many people."
-Mother Teresa of Calcutta, India
For the sake of His Sorrowful Passion, Have mercy on us and the whole world.....



We promote our Catholic Faith and Irish-American Culture through  Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity.   We are truly blessed by God, Our Lady of Knock, and the Spirit of Saint Brigid of Ireland.                         


Rathmacknee Castle, County Wexford, Ireland
Built by John Rossiter, Seneschal of the Liberties of Wexford in 1451

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"Let us more and more insist on raising funds of love, of kindness, of understanding, of peace.  Money will come if we seek first the Kingdom of God - the rest will be given."

Mother Teresa, Calcutta India

May God bless the Holy Sacrament of Marriage
and Family Life and Values

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